Comment guidelines / Data protection information

Comment guidelines / Data protection information

In the interest of all users and of DZ BANK Research, the following general guidelines must be observed when using the DZ Research Blog comment function:

The comment function is intended to facilitate discussion between users and DZ BANK Research and
to create/open up a "market of opinions". In order to ensure this, DZ BANK Research reserves the right not to activate comments if they are detrimental to an objective discussion or do not relate to the respective

There is no right to publish a comment. For readability reasons, we have limited the maximum length of
comments to 1,600 characters.


Tone and netiquette

Treat other users as you would like to be treated yourself. Everyone has the right to his own opinion. Do not attempt to impose your opinion on others.


In particular, the following are prohibited:

  • The abuse of the comment function for advertising (e.g. spam)
  • The offering of goods or services of any kind
  • Racist statements and hate propaganda
  • Pornography and obscenities
  • Incitement to violence against persons, institutions or companies
  • Insults and degrading of persons in any form
  • Infringements of the rights of third parties (persons, institutions, organisations, companies)
  • Calls for demonstrations and rallies
  • Comments that are not written in German or English
  • Quoting without stating a source or the author or placing text excerpts without comment
  • Comments that differ from the topic of the research product
  • Multi-part comments, i.e. comments that are split into several parts due to the maximum length of 1,600 characters per comment.

These rules also apply to the name/user name of the author of the respective comment.

DZ BANK Research will not tolerate violations of these guidelines. DZ BANK Research reserves the right not to activate comments or, if necessary, to deactivate or block the comment function for individual contributions or authors who repeatedly violate the comment guidelines.

Each author of comments is responsible for the contributions he or she publishes.


Exclusion clause

The comments on the research products reflect the opinion of individual users. DZ BANK assumes no liability for the accuracy and completeness of these contents. DZ BANK expressly does not adopt the comments of users as its own.

We refer here expressly to the Data protection information of DZ BANK.


Please note

Notwithstanding our data protection notices, comments on the research products of the DZ Research Blog are not encrypted, as they are intended for public access.