Mandatory disclosures and Conflicts of Interest / Disclaimer

Mandatory disclosures and Conflicts of Interest

This other research information was prepared by DZ BANK AG Deutsche Zentral-Genossenschaftsbank, Frankfurt am Main (DZ BANK) as an investment services enterprise. Other research information must be understood as independent client information which does not contain any investment recommendations for specific issuers or specific financial instruments. Such information makes no allowance for any personal investment criteria.

The mandatory disclosures for research publications (financial analyses and other research information) as well as the further and also legal remarks, especially regarding methods, processes, the Conflicts of Interest Policy of DZ BANK Research can be read and accessed free-of-charge under


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In particular, they are not intended for "U.S.-Person" as defined in "Regulation S" under the "U.S. Securities Act" of 1933, as amended, for person resident in the United States of America, Canada or Japan or for person currently residing in the United States of America, Canada or Japan.

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Date 07/2020