Good mood on the US housing market despite Corona

The US housing market has so far come through the corona pandemic largely unscathed, despite exploding unemployment, many corona infections and already quite high real estate prices. But the mood on the housing market collapsed only briefly, only to reach a higher level immediately afterwards. House prices are currently stagnating and are at their all-time high during the pandemic.

Three percent for a 30-year standard mortgage - never before have houses been financed so cheaply. The market environment is accordingly attractive for buyers with a secure job. The search for a suitable home is already more difficult. The supply of real estate is scarcer than ever before.

The low interest rates will continue to support demand and stabilize the market in conjunction with the scarce supply of real estate. The danger of a noticeable price correction is also decreasing in view of the economic recovery that has begun. On the other hand, the high level of unemployment argues against a noticeable rise in house prices.

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