Summer slump

We're in the middle of the summer recess. Economically as well as politically there is hardly any news. Especially since in the last few months a multitude of decisions have been poured down on everyone, which must now be digested bit by bit.

The general public is becoming increasingly aware that we must learn to live with Corona. The virus is also highly active during the summer months and as soon as the necessary discipline is slackened in the population, the number of new infections increases. In the meantime, there are at least some treatment options available, which increases the theoretical capacity of health care systems. Although there is concern about a massive second wave, this is not reflected in the sentiment indicators. Hopes for a normalisation continue to predominate here. Especially since, in my view, no country can really afford another national lockdown, as the economic follow-up costs would be too high. What remains is an appeal to the people to be careful, as well as regional restrictions.

The creeping escalation of the conflict between the USA and China has so far passed us by relatively unnoticed. And with the coming US elections, we can expect to hear even more shrill tones. This will certainly keep us busy in autumn. But until then, most people are enjoying the beautiful summer weather.

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