ifo survey: Hope again at last

Companies in Germany are regaining hope. Particularly in the manufacturing sector, companies have been suffering from international burdens for more than a year. And on the most important issues – the US-China trade dispute and the risk of a „No-Deal-Brexit“ – progress has finally been made. Although no agreement has yet been reached, the risk of a failure of the negotiations on both issues has decreased significantly.

This is good news for the German economy. The industry can at least stabilise at a low level, and the service sector is still running quite smoothly in view of rising incomes. The retail sector expects a good Christmas business. And the construction industry remains an important pillar of support for the domestic economy.

The recession in Germany has been averted, and the German economy is likely to show at least slightly positive growth in the fourth quarter as well. However, a strong recovery is not yet in sight. This would require a radical revival of the global economy, which remains a hopeful sign for the time being.

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